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Nulistix is a new way of looking at the meaning of numbers and how they affect us on all levels. A numerology system for the modern age, Nulistix can help you gain a fresh perspective on your life.

Nulistix: An online numerology course for the 21st century

Nulistix (new-lis-ticks) is a new and modern way of looking at the meaning of numbers and how they affect us on all levels. The world has changed dramatically over thousands of years, so it makes sense that the vibrations and insights of the numbers have also adjusted and evolved to our modern-day way of living and thinking.

After 40 years of personally studying and working with numerology, Max Coppa has developed a unique system called Nulistix. A form of numerology for the modern age, modern lives and modern ways of thinking, Nulistix offers a holistic approach to all people and all situations. It offers many benefits, including personality profiling, analysis of business, finance and investments, love and relationships, work and career, travel, spirituality, health and wellness, and predictions.

We invite you to try Nulistix and you’ll soon see how it can give you a fresh perspective on your life’s potential and direction.

How do I learn?

Due to popular demand, Max has created a series of online courses, so you can have access to his much sought-after teachings anywhere, anytime. There are no time demands, pressures, or expectations. You learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Each course contains a sequence of modules designed to provide you with a consistent and thorough learning experience. To ensure you gain maximum value, you’ll be required to complete each course sequentially. Once completed, you’ll have access to Max’s bonus courses which will take your Nulistix skills to higher levels.


Nulistix Modules

Module 1

Every number has a specific meaning. In this module, you will learn how to use a person’s birth date to understand more about that individual. See how ‘what they show the world’ can differ from who they really are, what issues they need to address (positive and negative) to achieve their full potential, and what they should be striving for in order to fulfil their life’s journey.

Module 2

Start to put the numbers together to get a clearer picture of a person’s character and to better understand yourself. What are your strengths? This module shows you what the missing numbers in your grid mean, and the areas that must be worked on or developed. Take a closer look at ‘complete’ lines that are formed (or not) in a grid, and how they identify a person’s character and natural abilities.

Nulistix For Life
Module 3

Put your knowledge into action and apply it to everyday situations. In this module we dive deep into ‘cycles’, discovering just how insightful they are in revealing the experiences of our past, shining a light on our present and providing a sneak peek into our future so we can better prepare and predict upcoming themes or times of momentum or adjustment. We also discover numbers for names, businesses, and the places we live and work.

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Nulistix mentoring sessions

It’s important that students feel confident working with Nulistix. As part of my ongoing commitment to developing your skills, I host complimentary 30-minute Zoom sessions every month exclusively for Nulistix students. This is a Q&A session designed for you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive valuable insights & tips and connect with like-minded people.

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