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A numerology methodology for the modern age, Nulistix can help you gain a fresh perspective on your life.


Educational Workshops

Learn Nulistix (numerology) and/or palmistry from Australia’s best. Classes range from Beginner to Master level.


Max is a highly experienced reader and uses a combination of palmistry, Nulistix (numerology) & dream interpretation in his consultations.

Books and Products

Max offers several helpful step-by-step guides to numerology and palmistry (available in English and Japanese), plus a range of personalised birth charts that will inspire and delight.


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Attitude of Gratitude

We all have things that we take for granted and forget to appreciate. We can remember all of our disappointments, failures and unhappiness down to the minute, and sometimes we dwell and dwell on them Read more…

Lines of Intuition

The ‘Line of Intuition’ is a marking found on the palm of the hand (sometimes mistaken as a Mercury Line) which shows a deep intuition, ability to channel and connection with Spirit. It’s fairly common Read more…

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