With more than 40 years reading palms, it still amazes me to look at a hand and be able to see what makes up a person’s life path and their ultimate destiny. Opening a clients hands and looking at their palms, is much like opening a book and reading the pages to help guide them to their best potentials and goals.

Even after all these years I still see new lines and markings that I’ve never seen before. As human beings we are evolving quicker than ever before, and are hands are showing it. There have been massive changes in the lines, hand-shapes and markings over the years, and with advances in technology and the pace of life in general, we are seeing it reflected in these modern hands.

Your palms are a unique map of your life, and this blue-print (that you chose) was laid out for you. With family and genetic input, you have formulated your path and your individual experiences on the earthly plane.

Learn and read about things beyond what your basic senses tell you. The map of your hands reflects all areas of your life that you need to be aware of such as health, children, family, career, finances, spirituality, relationships and more. It shows what’s working for or against you, how you are handling things, what you’ve been through and what’s yet to come for you.

The palms contain a wealth of information. It’s got nothing to do with longevity or death. It’s about what you do with your life in the middle that really counts.

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