The palms of your hands truly do record and reflect everything you’ve been through, show what’s happening in your life now and what is still yet to come. So you can imagine just how intricate and busy the map of your hand is.

When in comes to your personal life, one small section of your hand can reveal a wealth of information about it. This particular section of your hand is found underneath the pinky finger and is called the Mount of Mercury. It will be full of a mixture of both horizontal and vertical lines. This section of your hand covers communication of all kinds, but also reflects the status of relationships, marriage, children, births, losses, love affairs, the characteristics of your partner and much more.

The changes we’ve experienced as a society over the last 50 years or more are now showing up noticeably on the hands. People are having shorter marriages, more partners, less children and delays or complications in conception. So looking more closely at this area of your hand can present you with an opportunity to better understand yourself and your loved ones.

You have the power to change your life, and in doing so you’ll influence the lines and markings on your hand. Make the change and watch the lines change!

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