The ‘Line of Intuition’ is a marking found on the palm of the hand (sometimes mistaken as a Mercury Line) which shows a deep intuition, ability to channel and connection with Spirit.

It’s fairly common for people who connect with Spirit, or who work in the psychic field to have a Line of Intuition or at least pieces of it.

Here is a photo of something you don’t see every day in palmistry. This person has a unique and fully formed ‘Line of Intuition’ on her hand. This shows she has a very real gift of connecting to the ‘other side’ and channeling spiritual insights. You don’t usually see lines quite as good as this, and only psychic mediums of the highest quality have them.

Lines of Intuition almost always start from the Mount of Luna (the base of the palm) which represents the mind and subconscious. This line can sometimes develop towards the very outer part of the palm, however it more commonly appears closer to the Mercury Line which is why only a trained Palmist will spot it and understand it.

A fully formed Line of Intuition

People from all walks of life can have similar markings to this on the hands too. They are often types who have a strong gut instinct and a knowing about people or situations, but perhaps have never been guided to develop it. If you have one of these lines (especially in it’s perfect form such as this) I strongly encourage you to work at developing your natural abilities, because you have something very special!

Some are born with the Line of Intuition already in place however the vast majority develop it over time. There are also occasions where people with limited ability have had accidents or head injuries which has opened up those channels. Either way if you are lucky enough to have a Line of Intuition you are blessed and so are all who benefit from your insights.

Do you have have a complete Line of Intuition on your palm or maybe a different type of psychic marking? If you are ready to unravel the mysteries in your hand…ask me!

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