Money evokes many reactions in people (both good and not so good), and how you respond usually depends which way you were raised and taught. At the heart of it, money is just energy so it really does matter how we use and work with it. If we allow money to control us or others, it’s wrong. If we allow it to empower us or others, its great.

I have no qualms with wealth and success. Good luck, hard work and following your intuition is usually the way it comes, so don’t knock people who have it. To say that someone is only interested in the money, may be more of a reflection on the person saying it rather than anything else. You can usually tell who has got it right and who has got it wrong.

When you see what people do with their wealth – people like Bill Gates, Ted Turner and many others like them it reflects a lot about their character. I’ve found more people value a reading, workshop or service if they have to pay for it. They will turn up on time and will work on the advice they’ve been given. So value yourself, get valued and your clients will get value too!


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