We all have things that we take for granted and forget to appreciate. We can remember all of our disappointments, failures and unhappiness down to the minute, and sometimes we dwell and dwell on them until we hit the wall and then we try to fix them.

But what about the beautiful sunsets & sunrises, the songs the birds sing to you each morning, the acts of kindness to help you get over illness and loss or just letting you get through the supermarket checkout first or carry your bag when you are weary, a beautiful smile when you need it, a hello or have a great day, a lovely meal, a beautiful garden, kind words or wonderful children out of a bad marriage.

There are so, so many things to be grateful for and to stay focused on. Not all is bad, and remember we learn and grow from everything we experience. Where I live now there is a huge beautiful tree in the main street and it brings everyone so much joy. It is stunning as are all the purple Jacaranda trees which are in full bloom right now. But the things I value the most are the smiles, love and company of my beautiful wife, children, family and friends. That is my true wealth and happiness!

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