Whatever you choose, it has a lot to do with how we manage our time to get the best results. Positive thinking, consulting Spirit for guidance, setting clear intentions, making a plan and saying positive affirmations can really help to start putting the clock in your favor. Avoid saying things like “I don’t deserve love & happiness, or I never have enough time, or I won’t win lotto, or I’ll never have success”. If you say things like this, you’ll only get what you’ve asked for!

A handy tip is to consider which numerology cycle you are in currently and what it covers. For example, if you’re in an 8 cycle it’s all about money & passion so you’ll undoubtedly be dealing with these topics. If you’re in a 1 cycle starting new ventures is highlighted. If you’re in a 3 cycle contracts, dealings and networking is emphasized. There’s little value in asking for wealth in a healing or study cycle (unless its directly related to that topic), the energy just isn’t aligned! Remember, just like you need to have the right ingredients to bake a cake, you also need to ask for the right things at the right time. Everything in life is timed in some way, when you understand how to make the timing work in your favour you’ll always be time rich!

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